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Dr. Lee L. Petrucci, DC provides Chiropractic Care to the following locations: Crestwood, Oldham County, Buckner, Bedford, Campbellsburg, Carrollton and La Grange KY.

There is a misconception that once you’ve tried chiropractic care, you’ll be advised to come for the rest of your life. We, as your Oldham County Chiropractor and La Grange Chiropractic provider, promise that you will not be treated one visit above and beyond what you need or want.

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This team has helped me so much. Affordable and effective. I was in a lot of pain and had decreased mobility. I was even anxious about seeking help but LaGrange Chiropratic took me in and even gave me a fancy new neck pillow to help. I have been sleeping better and increased quality of life. Thank you.
Elizabeth B
Elizabeth B
Great experience! The Dr was walking out the door to go home to his family and I caught him before he locked up. He could see that I was in need of an adjustment and welcomed me in turned the lights on and took care of me on his time!! Amazing!! Feeling much better!! Quality care!!
Jeff Satterly
Jeff S.
Dr Petrucci has created a healing place, that is also a happy place. It is obvious that the Doc and his staff enjoy what they are doing, and what they are doing is done very well!I have been the beneficiary of Chiropractic Care for over forty years. My care has been provided by several practitioners, and none have approached the skill level or delivered the results that is routinely delivered by Dr Petrucci.Thanks Doc, for choosing our community to practice.
Charles York
Charles Y.
I was having sharp pain in my lower back to the point where I could not walk. I came here because friends of mine go here as well and spoke highly of them. Within a week of combining, I had relief. Everyone here is super nice and helpful. Also very knowledgeable any able to explain things to people who don’t understand medical terms. Highly recommend coming here for any needs.
Sarah Middleton
Sarah M.
He is just like those awesome chiropractors you see on youtube. The ones everyone wants but can never find, well we found him!!! Go see Dr. Lee at LaGrange Chiropractic his staff are welcoming, caring and very friendly!
Calista Richards
Calista R.
Amazying is all I have to say....I am so mad st myself that I haven't gone and see Dr. Lee yrs ago. I have always had lower back issues if I worked to hard or just turning the wrong way. My medicine was a heating pad and wait till pain goes away. But it never really does I had a hard time sleeping coildnt get comfortable or my hips were too tired to walk till this week when I started going to Dr. Lee. I slept so good and solid, I woke up with no back pain I even went outlet shopping for almost 6 hrs of walking and no pain. I get excited for my next appointment. I am a true believer in Chiropractic care. No meds would do what this kind of therapy can do for you. Dr. Lee and his staff are friendly, kind and sweet. Thank you LaGrange Chiropractic for making get my life back.
Lucy Warren
Lucy W.
I was very impressed with Dr. Lee and Staff. The relaxed atmosphere and friendliness was extremely refreshing. This neck pillow has improved my sleeping 10 fold and the pain and prickling in my neck and shoulders is almost completely gone after only a few days. I highly recommend them and the neck pillow!
Jennifer Lovy
Jennifer L.
Thanks to regular adjustments with Lagrange Chiropractic, I am able to move freely again. I was also taught the proper exercises to keep my spine moving. I had low back issues and assumed it was part of aging. I am walking tall and feel alive again. Thank you!! :)
SusannaL Stumph
SusannaL S.
Dr. Lee and all of his staff were very friendly. They answered questions I had and even got me set up for an appointment next week. I am really looking forward to see what Dr. Lee can do for me. I'll update after a few visits and let you know. Thanks for the great neck pillow, I look forward to using it tonight!
Lisa Woods
Lisa W.
The staff is great and they always make sure I'm feeling okay with the decompression. They are always willing to work with me at times that are convenient to my schedule & I've never had a problem when I need to come in earlier or later than my appointment time when my schedule changes. Dr. Lee is awesome and has really helped me with my back pain. Will definitely keep going there.
Stephanie Butrum
Stephanie B.
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